Minerals Are Crucial For Health And Life

Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner, stated, "You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."

Every cell in your body must have minerals to live and function. Every beat of your heart requires minerals to happen. Your brain cells and nervous system utilize minerals to deliver electrical signals to every part of your body.  Vitamins, enzymes, hormones, the immune system and almost all biological activities need a wide variety and amount of minerals to work right.  And the skeletal structure, the skull, bones and teeth, depend on an adequate mineral supply to stay strong.

As an example, magnesium is the activator for over 300 enzymes. Also it is integral in the production of ATP, the energy compound of the body. Magnesium is seriously deficient in the average diet, yet mainstream medicine gives little attention to the body’s critical need for it.

Similarly, zinc is a component of all cells. It is a cofactor in nearly 70 different enzymes, and provides significant benefits for the immune system, growth and development of muscular and skeletal structures, and tissue repair. Today’s foods contain too little for our needs, especially those of children.

Many scientists realize that mineral deficiency is a major cause of much of the sickness, disease, aging and premature death that so dramatically effects the health of our population. Tragically, the World Health Organization estimates that two million children die per year from malnutrition.

Most ailments like osteoporosis, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, kidney and liver ailments, cancer, M.S., lupus, birth defects, mental impairments, and nearly all the others, are directly linked to deficiencies of minerals, and of enzymes, pigments and vitamins, which all three require minerals to be made. Such poor health conditions have nutritional deficiency at the root of them, and are mostly avoidable.

Dr. Alexis Carrel received a Nobel Prize for proving that a living cell would be immortal if it had sufficient amounts of nutrients in proper balance of all elements needed. He was able to keep a chicken heart alive in a regularly cleaned, nutrient-rich solution for 34 years. He proved that cells simply need proper nutrition and to have wastes and pollutants removed to live indefinitely in their life-supporting fluid.

Acting on this knowledge can extend your life!

He found that only minute amounts of nutrients are required. Our health, energy and vitality depend more on small amounts of minerals in usable form than on the amount of protein, carbohydrates or calories we consume.

Each bodily process, including the functions of vitamins and enzymes, requires specific minerals. If they aren’t in the soil, they aren’t in the food supply, and they aren’t provided to you by eating.

Therefore, to avoid much pain and suffering, and early death, including terrible childhood afflictions, it makes sense to utilize good nutritional supplementation like the AquaLyte Coral Calcium sachets.


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