I found a product called Aqualite Coral Calcium, that you put a sachet into a half a gallon of water and from what I have learned, I feel it will help you and your family and anyone else who drinks water.

One night I was speaking with Fred Kaufman.  Fred is the one who originally brought the original coral calcium into this country 14 years ago.  From what he told me about the properties of the water after it is treated with the coral calcium sachets it will amaze you.  I don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but something amazing happened to my daughter a few hours after drinking the treated water.

My daughter had white spots on her throat and the antibiotics she was taking were not helping.  The doctor said that it may be a virus that was causing those white spots on her throat.  She drank the AquaLyte treated water throughout the day and later that night she noticed that the spots were gone.

I came home the other night with aches and pains after a day of heavy lifting and I felt great the next morning.  No aches and pains like I was expecting.

As a health professional I would recommend that you experience the AquaLyte Coral Calcium 
sachets for yourself and family. Every member of your family should be drinking this water, even your pets.

As you already know about your body, alkalinity supports health.  Well this excerpt from an e-mail that I received from one of my clients validates my point on keeping your body alkaline to reduce or eliminate your risk of cancer and other diseases.

Hi Tom --
...I  did, however, tell Dr. D that my pH level was around 7.5 and he responded: ' then how can cancer live, I don't understand.' ...Thanks

By Dr. D saying 'then how can cancer live, I don't understand.' he knows that cancer cannot survive at that level of alkalinity and above.

What better way to alkalize your body than with water.  You know how important drinking alkaline water is right?  The AquaLyte Coral Calcium come in sachets that will raise the pH of water, enhance even neutralize chlorine from tap water, while converting your dead tap/filtered or bottled water to a remineralized antioxidant water.

Click on the link on the menu bar on the left and listen to the audio Acidosis: The Silent Killer.  Fred Kaufman talks about how he saved his mother from dying from cancer by raising the alkalinity of her body.

A friend of mine who spent thousands of dollars on a very expensive alkalizing water system says that the sachets raise the pH of the water just as much as his expensive machine does and 30 sachets cost as little as $30.00.  I use the sachets in my filtered water.


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