Liquid Manna Stable Oxygen Water

As you know, water and oxygen are essential parts of our life and if you had the opportunity to read my free cancer report you have learned that Dr. Otto Warburg of Germany,  back in the 1930's, won two Nobel Prizes.  Dr. Warburg discovered that when he removed oxygen from a cell it became cancerous.  It happened 100% of the time. 

Actually, viruses, bacteria and parasites cannot live in an oxygen rich environment either.

One very expensive way to put sufficient oxygen back into our cells is by enduring the pressure of a Hyperbaric Chamber, where oxygen is forced into your cells with pressure.  Well, I found an easier way to help in bringing oxygen to our cells, by simply drinking water.  Not just any water, but a water that has been energized with stable oxygen.

I was speaking to the manufacturer, Fred, the other day and he asked me if I new about Zero Point Energy.  As you know, our wands have Zero Point Energy and many people have enjoyed the benefits of such energy.  Well, Fred said that he was told that his water has Zero Point Energy in it.  WOW!!!  I was really excited to hear that so I decided to order it.

As many of you know, before I recommend any product, I like to do my due diligence by researching the product,   Well, I did and I am very impressed with what I found.

Fred told me that if he has a headache he simply holds a bottle of Royal Liquid Manna next to his head.  By doing this he says that he has no need for any pain relieving product.  He also told me that if he has any kind of pain in his body such as, back or joint..., he simply holds a bottle of the Royal Liquid Manna next to his body, and again, he says that he would have no need for any thing else to help him with his pain.

Fred developed the Royal Liquid Manna for burn victims where you would mist the water onto their skin, but people started to drink it and wonderful things happened to them.  Especial people with serious diseases like cancer and....

Fred makes two types, the less potent Regular Liquid Manna that you would use to energize your drinking water, one bottle makes up to 32 gallons of energized water and the Very potent Royal Liquid Manna.

Someone told me that the Zero Point Energy in our Nano Wands shoots out over 20 feet and Fred told me that he was told that the energy of the Manna Water was detected at 100 feet away.

Our goal with the water is to move the body from an acid state into the alkaline state. Reading other literature, tells us that all diseases require an acid environment to survive. That is a pH below 7. If you are 6 or 5, you got problems for sure so work on correcting it.

The break point is pH = 7. I like to see a pH of 7.3 to maybe 7.8. When you test with pH paper, the mouth will give a better reading in my estimation. Between meals, swallow 3 - 4 times before testing with the pH paper in the mouth. Remember that the kidneys dispose of poisons so don't rely on a urine pH to tell you what you want to know. You would suspect that it would show below 7 there. Should you experience a burning sensation during urine elimination it probably means you haven't been drinking enough water. Work with your body and it will serve you better. Taking coral calcium will also aid in raising the pH.

Some have asked about water vs. diabetics. Had call from a long time friend who is diabetic. I had placed a bottle of the purple top (special for extreme cases) in his hands a week ago. I told him to use it where ever he might have pain or whatever. He called to tell me that he has had no feeling in his feet for a long time. He has been placing one foot on the bottle for a while and then doing the same on the other. Said for the first time is ages, he now has feelings in his feet and they are getting better. He asked how long it would take for things to get normal? I said, "I don't have a clue so you can keep me posted and we will both know."

What we have been able to do is to supersaturate the oxygen molecule, which they say can't be done. Our water will hold that level of charged oxygen as long as it is wet. Even in an open pond or container outside or anywhere it doesn't matter. As far as I know, no one has ever been able to do this. We have been able to do what Dr. Warburg was talking about in the 1940's and '50s when he won the Nobel Prize.

Poisons in the body will cause swelling of tissue. When tissue swells around a wind pipe or tube, it will actually cause the pipe or tube to become smaller because of the pressure from all around. We have had several people that quit snoring after they had been on our water for a period of time. Get rid of poisons, swelling goes down and the body don't have to gasp for air, ok?
Swelling of the prostrate will shrink the urine tube and makes elimination more difficult and they can't eliminate entirely, hence having to go 2 - 3 times a night. Several have experienced the fact that after some time they can sleep the entire night without getting up. Some have noticed this within 2 - 3 days but most take longer. Everyone is different but these are things you might look for.

I am very proud to offer you these Liquid Manna Water.

Two Types of Water
We have basically 2 types of water and we identify them by the colors on the cap.
Red/Green (regular) and Purple (Royal)

1. We recommend a Tablespoon full of our Red/Green per gallon of your regular drinking water. This water has many Millions of oxygen units as compared to about 1400 oxygen units in regular water.
2. Then our Purple (Royal) is our hammer. If you can take a tub bath, you can put the whole bottle (unopened) in the water and in 5 to 10 minutes, the entire tub will be charged. Lay in it as long as you can. It will have a homeopathic effect whereby the skin will release toxins and absorb oxygen from the water. Then if you are drinking our water, you will get oxygen on a cellular level from the inside/out and the outside/in. This expedites getting rid of the poisons, which is your goal.

The Purple is wrapped in foil to keep it from migrating to other things nearby but when you use it, be sure to take it out of the foil.
Many people will sleep with the bottle (red/green and/or purple). It has an abundant amount of energy. If you have a pain, hold either bottle up to the pain and it should go away very quickly. Suggest you use the Purple for Migraines. Hold it unopened next to the pain and many times it will go away.

We are still discovering what our technology will do so don’t be surprised. We have had no adverse effects in 5 years so enjoy and let us know how it works in your situation. Remember, all diseases are caused by acid conditions. Poisons displace oxygen, however oxygen turns the tables on poisons. If you are sick, you have an acid condition, pH=less than 7. Our water will help raise the pH level in the body to the alkaline side, ph=7+ which is where your health lies. This is the fountain of youth so look out!!! Be blessed.

We make no medical claims. Engineering is our background and not medicine. We have just learned how to stabilize water and increase the oxygen in it to a very high level.

We are having people contacting us for our water when they or their friends or loved ones are having a major health problem that they are dealing with. By major, we mean they are fighting cancer, leukemia, or some other major problem.

We have modified our introductory box, which usually contains 6 red/green and one purple bottle, by exchanging one of the red/green with a second purple, we now ship 5 red/green and 2 purple.
When received, we suggest that one of the purple bottles be consumed the first day.

We suggest opening one of the purple bottles, pouring about 1/3 of it in a glass. Sit down and sip that 1/3 of a bottle slowly over a period of 15 to 30 minutes. Drinking quickly might cause some folks to get a little dizzy and we don’t want anyone to fall and hurt themselves. This possibility will pass very quickly.

Then as you pass the remaining 2/3 of the bottle, sip (or some would say nip) by getting some in the mouth and swallow it slowly as you go about your daily tasks.
By the end of the day or before, one would have consumed the first bottle.

Then get on the red/green as suggested and drink daily as much as you wish. Remember that the red/green is mixed one cap full or tablespoon full into a gallon of your regular non-chlorinated water.
The other purple bottle should not be opened but used as suggested by removing the foil and let it float in the tub while soaking your body. It can help eliminate pain by holding it to the body where one might be experiencing pain, etc.
This procedure should really elevate the oxygen level in the body rather quickly and that is what we are trying to accomplish. We make no medical claims but we like to see the pH of the body in the 7.3 – 8.0 range for best health potential as we understand these things.
Be blessed.

I have seen these products sold for as much as $42.00 per bottle and you know me, I like to find the source to offer my customers the best possible price available.  I have priced the bottles for personal consumption and for resale purposes.

Price List (Two bottle minimum)

(2) bottles of either product is $45.00 ($22.50 per bottle) plus $10.95 for Postage.

3 to 7 bottles of either product is $18.00 each plus $10.95 for postage.

8 to 12 bottles of either product is $15.00 each plus $14.95 for postage.

Over 12 bottles the postage will depend on quantity and the price per bottle is $15.00 per bottle.

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