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As the world’s population increased and industrialization spread, our drinking water has become increasingly contaminated, to the point that today it is literally killing us. Toxic metals, chemical wastes and bacteria from livestock and human waste have created a crisis in our fresh water supply. The World Health Organization, an agency of the United Nations, says that 50% of the world’s population is diseased and that 80% of those diseases are caused by the drinking water.

To make most fresh water safe for drinking it must be filtered to remove contaminants and be heavily treated with chlorine to kill bacteria that can cause infectious diseases. In the filtration process the contaminants are removed, but so are minerals essential to every bodily function, taking the very life out of it. The chlorine, which is added to kill bacteria almost always turns the water acidic and creates new toxic compounds, which may even complicate pregnancies. In essence, when you drink filtered, chlorinated water, you are drinking acidic water, which is both dangerous and dead.

Now let’s take a look at some tests with tap water. In testing the tap water for chlorine, you will need a simple swimming pool test kit. When you add a few drops of the chlorine indicator to the tap water, you’ll see the color of the water change to yellow. As you can tell by looking at the chlorine chart, the darker the yellow means the more chlorine that’s in the water. Now, add one AquaLyte sachet to this chlorinated water and look what happens. The yellow disappears. Amazing, isn’t it? It actually neutralized the chlorine that’s in the water.

Common sense says that adding chlorine and other chemicals to our water has to be unhealthy. Scientists have known for more than a century that the proper pH balance of soil and water are essential for plant growth, and that animal life depends on keeping blood and other bodily fluids within a narrow range on what is known as the pH scale.

The pH scale is a scientific measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of liquids based on a value of 7 being neutral. Anything measuring less that 7 down to 0 measures acidic, and anything measuring above 7 upward to 14 is alkaline. The pH of healthy blood, which is about 90% water, is 7.47.

Now, let’s perform a pH test with your swimming pool test kit. The chart ranges from 4 to 10. The darker blue, indicating the water to be more alkaline. When you add a few drops of the pH indicator, you will see that the tap water is acidic (below 7). Notice by adding an AquaLyte sachet, this acidic, unhealthy water is transformed into healthy, alkaline water that will make a big difference in maintaining your health.

Modern medicine is well aware that people who suffer from illness or disease tend to have an imbalance in the pH of their blood, and that this imbalance occurs much more frequently on the acidic side than on the alkaline side. Now, a growing body of research indicates that acidic blood is not just a symptom of disease but actually the host environment for many diseases, exactly as the "World Health Organization" statistics indicate. There are two reasons for this, which may well be interrelated:

  1. 1- The cells of acidic blood tend to clump or aggregate together. As a result, less of each red blood cell’s surface is exposed to life-sustaining oxygen, as it circulates through the lungs. The white cells in the middle of such a clump are no longer free to rid the body of foreign invaders. On the other hand, the cells in blood having an alkaline pH of 7.5 to 8.5 tend to separate, so they can do their jobs more efficiently. As more red cells become available to carry more oxygen, white cells are freed up to fight these invaders and maintain your immune system.

  2. 2- Even though a high level of acidity, such as that produced by the chlorination of water kills bacteria and other foreign invaders, many researchers are beginning to believe that those same bacteria, viruses, and fungus tend to thrive in slightly acidic blood. To further illustrate this point, if the normal 7.47 pH of our blood drops just one point to 6.7, we will die.

Many of us have been lured into a false sense of security by purchasing and drinking bottled water. The facts are that water that has been filtered has few, if any, essential minerals, and most bottled water, whether filtered or not, is still acidic. In addition, virtually every liquid we drink in the course of a day is acidic in nature. For example, carbonated soft drinks have a very acidic pH of 2.0. Orange juice is only slightly less acidic at 2.2. Alcoholic beverages average 3.5, and even average tap water is 4.5. Given how we live our daily lives, how can anyone in our society not have acidic blood?

Think about the health of Americans today. Approximately 68 million people suffer from some form of heart disease, 16 million have diabetes, 1.5 million will die of cancer this year, and 2 billion dollars a year is being spent on the treatment of osteoporosis, which is the decalcification of our bones.

The amazing thing is that AquaLyte coral minerals from Okinawa, is identical in chemical composition to human bone. Longevity studies indicate that the people of Okinawa who naturally drink water filtered through this rare coral, (their island is made of it) without being treated with chlorine, tend to have less disease and live longer than people in other parts of the world, even the other Japanese islands. Researchers believe that there are basically four reasons why the people of Okinawa experience such incredible longevity.

  1. 1- Their water is alkaline not acidic. It is filtered by coral, which helps to balance their blood and other body cells to a healthy pH.

  2. 2- Their water contains over 70 essential minerals and elements including the rare elements such as lithium and deuterium, which further enhance the body’s ability to absorb other essential minerals.

  3. 3- Their water contains minerals already ionized to be 1,000 times smaller than almost any other minerals or mineral supplements, enabling them to easily enter the cells and put them to work.

  4. 4- Their water contains minerals that are electrically charged. These electrolytes are necessary for the transmission of electrical impulses throughout the nervous system.

Contrary to common belief, dead water (distilled or reverse osmosis) will not conduct low charges of electricity, because there are no minerals present. By simply adding AquaLyte to the water, it adds the needed electrolytes that enhance your nervous system’s ability to transmit the electrical impulses, which make every other system operate.

Water is the source of all life. It covers 75% of the Earth’s surface and makes up 70% of our bodies and 90% of our blood. Water is to the earth what blood is to our bodies, carrying nutrients in and wastes out. In the end, it is only common sense that drinking balanced liquids would be beneficial for your blood, your bones, and even for enhancing the efficiency of your immune system. It is all so simple and so relatively inexpensive. At less than half the price that you may now be paying for bottled water, you can purchase the AquaLyte "water purifier" and begin to balance your blood and balance your health by balancing your drinking water, and you can carry it with you.

We all eat good, healthy low-fat food, right?

We all drink only the best water and never indulge in things that aren’t healthy, right?

We all exercise and stay in the best of shape, right?

For most of us, the answer to these questions is a resounding NO. We eat too much, get little rest, and don’t exercise enough, and now we are discovering that what we drink everyday may be the biggest danger of all. The good news is you can begin to balance your blood without having to dramatically change your lifestyle. Just drop an AquaLyte mineral sachet into up to 2 liters of water and drink that water throughout the day.

Think of your health as a pendulum that can swing from healthy on one side, down to the incubation stage for disease, and then up on the other side to illness. In a perfect world, everyone would change their lifestyle to keep their pendulum on the healthy side. We can’t force you to change your lifestyle, but with a few sachets of AquaLyte "water purifier" in your pocket or purse, you have an easy, portable way to neutralize any acidic liquid you encounter during the day.

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