AquaLyte Testimonials

Wanda Clark, California
       I was 57 years old and completely miserable. Arthritis had a hold of me. By October of 1995, I had both knees and a hip so sore I could not walk without a cane. Since it hurt to move, I became more inactive and depressed. On our way home after a trip, my husband and I listened to a tape of information and testimonials about coral mineral sachets. I was amazed. All I could say to my husband was, “Why don’t we have some of this stuff?” As soon as we got home he ordered some. Within 5 days after I began taking it, the constant pain was completely gone. Within 8 days not only was the pain gone, but I could walk without my cane. I was also able to sleep the whole night through.

Margaret Caprye, Washington
       I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 22 years and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Medications caused ulcer disease. Over a year ago I began to have so much pain I was unable to work. My daily chores became a burden. Three weeks ago I started using the coral mineral sachets. What a change! I am now pain-free. My intestinal problems are gone, and my cholesterol, which was 336, is now 273. Walking is not a chore for me now. I cannot say enough positive things about the coral. It is truly a miracle.

Amy Byrd, Virginia
       I just wanted to update my condition after using the coral mineral sachets for the last few months. My energy level has lifted to the point my children have even noticed. In February 1997, I was finally diagnosed with fiboemyalgia, chronic fatigue, plantar fascitis or extreme foot pain, and depression. This was after years of chronic pain, excruciating fatigue, and stress related depression. A few months ago, Terry Mcdowell gave me a few envelopes of the coral mineral sachets and finally after trying to remember to use them every day, I began to be consistent with the coral and cut out the sodas. The pain is subsiding, and my energy is increasing. The fatigue is leaving, especially the brain fatigue, and my stamina is improving. I’ve worked with herbal preparations for years, and nothing worked as fast as the coral. Even my children are drinking more water, and that’s a miracle in itself. Thanks for this wonderful product.

Gene Shelton, Texas
       I am 63 years old and suffer with fatigue. In 1995 I developed a rash on my ankles and in the middle of my back that would not clear up. I went to the dermatologist and tried several different types of ointments, but nothing helped. I started taking the coral mineral sachets, and after two days I woke up feeling absolutely fantastic. The rash was almost completely gone in 7 days, and I have so much energy. I feel like I am 21 years old again. I am generally a very skeptical person, but I am sold on the coral and intend to get my 3 children and 5 grandchildren on it as soon as possible.

Dr. Bailey, Ohio
       I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1978, and along with the disease came excruciating pain. In 1986, a pump was surgically installed in my abdomen, which put morphine into my spinal fluid 24 hours a day. Last year, after 9 times in the hospital and 8 surgeries, someone introduced me to colloidal minerals, which helped me in some ways but did not get alleviate the pain. When I heard about the coral mineral sachets, I was told they were a good source of ionic calcium. Within one week of taking the coral, I realized that I had no pain! For the first time in 19 years, I can work 12 hours a day without stopping to lie down.

Jesse Avalos, Virginia
       I have had problems with my stomach for the past 15 years. I would get stomach pain, gas, and tenderness. It would last 2 to 3 days at a time and usually occur every 2 to 3 weeks. The pain got so bad that my breathing became shallow. After many tests, the doctors finally determined that the problems with my stomach were caused by stress, and in my case anxiety. After taking the coral mineral sachets for 2 days, the problems with my stomach disappeared and have never come back.

Patty A. Goff, Virginia
       I am over 60 and a working grandmother. I had aching in my shoulders, back, and especially in my knees. After taking the coral mineral sachets for a few days, my aches have all disappeared. If I miss a day the aching comes back.

Warren L. Tillmannshofer, California
       For the past 10 years, I have suffered with arthritis in my left shoulder and middle back. Three doctors stated I would not get better. The sad thing is I could no longer play sports with my sons. After 10 days on the coral mineral sachets, I was able to exercise without pain for the first time in 10 years, and after 24 days later I could sleep all night without pain. I now have wonderful health, energy, and can play sports with my sons!

Shari Green, Virginia
       I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how the coral mineral sachets have helped me. On a scale of 1 to 10, my PMS was a 15. After using the coral my leg cramps were immediately relieved, and after 8 months I am thrilled to say that on a scale of 1 to 10, my PMS has been reduced to a 1, if that. Thanks for giving me back my sanity.

 Hank H., New Jersey
As a long distance runner, I always considered myself in pretty good shape, so I had no expectations when I tried Coral Calcium. Much to my surprise, I noticed that my energy and comfort had increased during workout runs. And, I was no longer tired afterward. My muscles were no longer sore. After using Coral Calcium for one week, my runs were more enjoyable, my speed increased, and I was able to increase my distance quickly! One month later, I had my cholesterol checked, and much to my surprise it had improved from 211 to 162 - in just one month!”

Jennifer J., Florida
“For eighteen years I had chronic low back pain…from complicated pregnancies. I was diagnosed with two bulging discs on the left side in my lower lumbar region. I had degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, subluxations of the vertebrae, lumbar lodius, rheumatoid arthritis in my spine and my right arm, TMJ, and partial deafness in my left ear.  “I was administered numerous painful tests, and was admitted into the hospital many times. I took everything,
from prescription medication to physical therapy, spinal manipulations, MRIs, EMGs, and spinal epidermal steroid injections, but absolutely nothing took away the pain. “Then my sister introduced me to Coral Calcium.  She was convinced that this product would help me, because it had helped her with her pain. After taking the Coral Calcium for one week every day, I noticed the pain had become much lighter and tolerable. Week two, I noticed my energy level increased, and I hardly felt any pain at all! I got so excited I painted 9 rooms in my house by myself! After the third week, my pain in the back was completely gone!  “After 18 years of daily suffering I am completely pain free! I feel 12 years younger; I have the energy of a teenager!

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